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Prediction Time 2012

Last time around, I did pretty well in my prediction in which Barack Obama won the Presidential election with 365 Electoral Votes and defeated John McCain by 7%. I had 364 and 7. I called for 7 Democratic pick-ups in the US Senate and 24 in the House of Representatives. I believe it was 6 […]

Prediction Time…

There’s going to be a giant RED TIDAL WAVE in the mid-term elections today with Republicans re-gaining control of the US House of Representatives and picking up numerous seats in the US Senate. My instinct is that it’s going to be worse for the Democrats than their expectations. I predict the Republicans will gain: 62 […]

Historic Day!

Whether you support the health care reform passed in the US House of Representatives this evening, or you’re passionately against it, today is a memorable day in American history. I have mixed feelings about the expanding role of government, and I doubt the health care bill in its current form is the best possible piece […]

THIS is what all of the excitement is about…

The White House released the following prepared remarks of President Obama’s “Back to School Event” on Tuesday 9/8. Please help me in HAMMERING anyone who has a problem with his inspirational message of RESPONSIBILITY, OPPORTUNITY, PATRIOTISM, and ASPIRATION. “Hello everyone – how’s everybody doing today? I’m here with students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, […]

No “Politics as Usual” here…

Noooo….not from Sarah Palin….it just happens she’s resigning on the Friday before a holiday weekend…..She wasn’t trying to “bury the story” the day before the 4th of July….Sarah Palin is DIFFERENT than everyone else — she would NEVER DO THAT…..I wonder when the Republican establishment will say “enough is enough” with Palin. Drama and turmoil […]