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Great Domain Trade!

Closed the sale of today. Very successful outcome after holding the domain approximately 14 months. Still have and and have partnered with the team at Highly Relevant to build businesses around these phenomenal domains. sells for $5.1MM!

Pretty amazing news out of Wilmington, DE that sold yesterday for $5.1MM to Toys R Us.  At the initial auction on February 4, the bidding ended at $1.25MM and I was blown away at the poor execution by the attorney for TRU. He could have locked up the entire portfolio of domains (including, […]


Spending a couple of days at the DOMAINfest conference in Hollywood this week. Interesting to meet folks who own just a handful of domains as well as individuals and companies with hundreds of thousands of names. Just like in the stock market and real estate market, there seems to be a lot of negative sentiment […]