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Prediction Time 2012

Last time around, I did pretty well in my prediction in which Barack Obama won the Presidential election with 365 Electoral Votes and defeated John McCain by 7%. I had 364 and 7. I called for 7 Democratic pick-ups in the US Senate and 24 in the House of Representatives. I believe it was 6 […]

Great Domain Trade!

Closed the sale of today. Very successful outcome after holding the domain approximately 14 months. Still have and and have partnered with the team at Highly Relevant to build businesses around these phenomenal domains.

ClearSign Combustion (NASD: CLIR) IPO

Exciting Day! ClearSign Combustion will begin trading on the Nasdaq (CLIR) today. My first investment into the company back in Spring 2011 at about $2.20 a share, and the IPO is pricing @ $4. This is one of the most exciting investment opportunities I’ve ever been a part of. The Company’s technology has the potential […]